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Blogging For Your Creative Business

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Blogging for your Creative Business will walk you through how to add a blog to your business model from start to paycheck.

You'll learn how to name your blog for impact, how to set it up, the basics of the back end of a blog like important plugins and widget information. I will get you started for success.

Next we'll explore what to write about and create a content list that will last you a year! I'll share with you how to set your content up for success and added value to your customer. There is great information in this course about how to establish yourself as the expert in your industry and learn what you should be talking to your customers about.

We'll go over key elements of your blog and make sure customers can easily connect with you and that your blog is user friendly. We'll talk about how to get your blog posts out into the world to gain new customers, with tips from me that you won't likely hear all over the internet.

Of course there is tons of information on how to get paid. This course goes over the main revenue streams a blog can add to your creative business including lists and tips on how to get started.

If you have been feeling the urge to add a blog to your business this course is for you. No more wondering what if...let me walk you through the process! I promise it isn't as big and scary as it sounds. I love to create, but waking up and getting paid (and making money while I sleep!) to do it every day is a dream and you can do it too.

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