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The Salvaged Society

I've thought this would be a FUN group for a while now, but my recent trip to the Brimfield, Massachusetts Flea Market made me know NOW was the time! As I spent the day digging through tent after tent and pile after pile searching for buried treasures and trinkets I felt it in my bones. I was MADE FOR THIS. I can't say I know much about anything, but I can say I know a ton about thrift shopping. It fills my spirit like no other! And I want you to tag along. Will you?

For $25 per year you can join the private society and together we will hit the flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, antique malls, and everything else in between to search out amazing deals and unique finds. Along the way, I will share ideas, tips, and tricks I have learned over the past 17+ years of thrift shopping. You don't have to do your own shopping or live near me to join, just following along will give you ideas and inspire you on what to look for in your area. I hope it gives you the courage to bargain, pull stuff off the curb, and try new things. 

When you join The Salvaged Society you'll become a member of an exclusive group. These shopping excursions will be shared in a private Facebook group and Instagram page. Sometimes I will go live, sometimes I will record video and sometimes I will share photos. You can watch the replay of all the content as desired. You can also scroll or search through the group for past trips, it will all be there!

How to Get Started:

  1. Join the group by signing up in the form below. Membership dues to the Salvaged Society are $25/year and will auto-renew annually through PayPal. Please note you are paying through PayPal for this group, it will be a different checkout process than other items in the Mercantile and you can not combine other items in this cart.
  2. Request to join the Facebook group The Salvaged Society - you MUST ANSWER ALL THE QUESTIONS! This is VERY IMPORTANT!
  3. Request to join the Instagram page The Salvaged Society
  4. Approval into the group will happen every Monday and Thursday, so be patient as we get you on board!
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    1. Do I need to live near you to participate? Absolutely not! You can live anywhere! The tips and tricks are great for anyone and the ideas and inspiration you'll get are priceless. Plus - it's a sisterhood, you will find friends and get help from other society members. 
    2. Why Should I pay for a group like this? Well - that is a fantastic question and there are a few answers! I have spent years thrift shopping and you are getting invaluable tips and tricks, learning to train your eye and seeing a ton of ideas and inspiration. You are paying for expert knowledge, just like any other class you would take to hone a skill.  If you put the things you learn here into action you will save WAY MORE than the membership dues. You will definitely make your money's worth! Community is so important! You are going to meet like-minded individuals who love the same things as you. You can get advice and suggestions, learn from one another and create real friendships (possibly even find people local to you that you can thrift with!).  Lastly, I am a single mom and this blog is how I support my family! I wish I could just thrift all day for fun, but I can't and I figured the best thing to do was teach what I know. Thank you for supporting me and learning along the way.
    3. I can't watch live, can I still join? It doesn't matter at all if you are able to join in live, you can watch replays, recordings and peruse old content at your leisure. 
    4. When will you go live or share? There will not be a set schedule, I will go live as I shop. Sometimes the reception is bad and I will need to video and share, sometimes it will just be photos. You will need to check in often and be sure you are following the group and add it to your favorites list.
    5. How does the membership work? Your membership dues will auto-renew annually through PayPal on whatever date you sign up. If you join on June 12th, you will be automatically be charged again next June 12th. 
    6. Do I have access to old content? Yes! The pictures, lives, and videos will stay in the group for you to rummage through at your leisure! You can access them at any time as long as you are a member in good standing. If you leave the group, you lose access to the content. Just like Netflix, if you stop your subscription you no longer can access their content. 
    7. Can I share and ask questions? PLEASE do this - this group is only as good as the conversation, suggestion, assistance and guidance we all give to one another. You will be able to ask questions and share your finds in the group. It will not be a place for selling or self-promotion, strictly salvaged finds and related content. 
    8. What if I want to cancel? You may cancel your renewal at any time, no questions asked. Your yearly rate will not be pro-rated. You will need to cancel your renewal in PayPal yourself so you don't get charged at the yearly renewal date.